Could Google’s “Project Tango” Tablet Revolutionize Construction?

Today’s tablet computers are handy for staying connected from the field. But they might be about to get much, much more useful. Imagine a tablet that knows its exact position in space and can generate a realtime 3D map of everything around it…. read full article

2 x BIM Conference in September, London

1. BSI’s BIM Conference
This engaging and interactive event will provide you with a unique opportunity to hear from industry experts about the increasingly important role of BIM in all areas of the construction and civil engineering industry. Learn how standards could help your organization in the adoption of BIM… click here to register

2. BIM through the Plan of Work
With the 2016 deadline for the adoption of Level 2 BIM for public projects rapidly approaching, this conference will aim to simplify the way BIM can be used, showing how it can be incorporated into every stage of the design and build process. It will guide you through the RIBA Plan of Work, detailing how to implement and execute a BIM strategy, from the beginning of a project through to its completion… click here to register