IPE: The Missing Manual

My first impression after reading The Owners’ Guide to Starting Integrated Building Projects by Oscia Wilson is that it is much more than a guide for building owners. This easy to read handbook will guide anyone interested in either pursuing this important and still little used collaborative project delivery approach – integrated project delivery or (IPD) – as well as those interested in gaining a better understanding of its methodology, to be better informed and prepared to explain it to others… read full article


First infrastructure standard based on a common BIM/geospatial model released (Between the Poles/blog)

There are several initiatives underway to develop multi-disciplinary interoperability standards for the convergence of BIM, 3D and geospatial. The first BIM standard based on a common conceptual model shared between the BIM and geospatial worlds has just been released for public comment by buildingSMART. Simultaneously the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) has just released the OGC LandInfra Conceptual Model, the first draft of the InfraGML conceptual model for land parcels and the built environment… red full article

BIM: The power of data to unlock construction innovation

Transforming the global construction industry through open standards and collaboration

“If countries set up their own processes and software companies set up their own data templates then we will end up working in global silos, unable to unlock the commercial benefits of international collaboration” says Tune.  Operating on different platforms, protocols and processes means the age old problems of information being ambiguous, incorrect and late continue, with their associated impacts of re-works leading to costs and delays continue.  OpenBIM has the potential to change that…  read full article