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Smart cities market forecasted to reach over $ 1 trillion by 2019

Urbanization is a worldwide phenomenon. Smart city technology is becoming an essential element in the development of the world’s megacities. For example, the new Indian government’s just released budget includes an allocation for initiating the development of 100 smart cities. Songdo IDB in Korea and Fujisawa in Japan are two smart cities already under development. China has 36 smart cities in development and a low carbon model city in Tianjin. Singapore plans to become a smart nation by 2015. Iskandar is Malaysia’s first smart city. The Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) incorporates smart city concepts… read full article



Imagine a world where anyone with a connected device was able to access real-time online digital 3D versions of their own towns and cities up and down the UK. No, its not the next Sim City game – though it may be just as stimulating for architects, planners and just about anyone who is interested in how their neighbourhood is planned, developed and managed… read full article

Smart cities and land information systems

The Geospatial World Forum took place in Geneva at the beginning of May 2014. This is a major event in the GIS calendar, attracting more than 1,000 high level delegates. It also hosts major hardware and software providers including Trimble, ESRI, Chinese Academy of Surveying and Mapping, Airbus Defence and Space, Thomson Reuters, Oracle and national land agencies including those of India and Abu Dhabi… Read full article