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What’s Next for Autodesk is What’s Next for Architects

For those tasks that we think of as being indisputably architectural—drawing details, creating massing studies, producing renders—the majority of architects practicing in the United States are almost entirely dependent on software developed by Autodesk. As a result, the company’s future plans will greatly impact how many U.S. firms practice… read full article


BIM architecture: The vision thing

Despite being ostensibly termed a “design tool”, BIM is never normally associated with what a building looks like. BIM’s capabilities are usually aligned to more procedural quantities such as team co-ordination, facilities management, three-dimensional visualisation and data control, with architectural characteristics rarely considered to be directly determined by BIM. However, as BIM’s impact across architecture and construction grows, might this increasingly be the case? read full article

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In this article I wanted to discuss Building Information Modelling (BIM) and the role that Architects play in this new process. I argue that Architects are a key member of a team who can reinvigorate their project leadership role as a client advisor, lead designer of the design team, model manager and post completion Asset Information Model gatekeeper. Also I go on to urge… read full article