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BIM Level 2 Business Systems Certification

The BIM Level 2 Business Systems Certification scheme assesses and certifies businesses as meeting the Government’s BIM Level 2 requirements. Delivered on site, it assures that companies provide evidence that their organisation has the policies and procedures required to deliver Level 2 BIM. The scheme is based on PAS 1192-2 2013… Read full article


BRE announces BIM Level 2 training and certification pathway

BRE is now providing a BIM Level 2 Training and Certification Pathway, to help construction professionals develop the necessary skills to meet the BIM challenge and new ways of working.
The Government’s BIM Strategy requires the delivery of BIM Level 2 using set process standards such as PAS1192-2:2013, which identifies specific roles to facilitate the delivery of information, namely an Information Manager (project or task) and a Project Delivery Manager…. read full article