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AEC Firms Turn to Panzura for File Locking Technology to Enable Cross-Site Collaboration

Revisiting the subject of collaboration in the AEC industry, we recently took a look at the computer data storage company Panzura. While the company serves a variety of industries and essentially stumbled onto the AEC market, the company has since devoted itself to developing that segment of its customer base and has tailored its solution for CAD and BIM users over the last few years… read full article


Google X off-shoot wins $8m to develop collaborative industry software

According to a statement on Flux’s website, the company is working on a methodology that would allow architects and engineers to work “at the speed of thought” and design buildings with optimal energy performance that are also linked to the owner’s business objectives. Jen Carlile, Flux co-founder and software engineer, said: “Our vision is to seamlessly join together and optimise an array of tools that allows architects and engineers to work at the speed of thought.”… read full article